Dry Ice Cleaning For Paint Removal

Restoration work is all about returning a structure to its former glory by uncovering the underlying surface,  typically covered with paint. In order to do this, the use of chemicals, solvents or abrasive cleaning methods are ruled out as they can lead to damaging or altering the surface. Another essential for restoration is to use a method that has no secondary waste, especially when it comes to lead paint abatement; waste removal has to be properly contained as it is hazardous to health.

Layers of paint and years of ageing will hide original features on the structure. The only way to uncover the intricate detail work is with dry ice blasting, no other cleaning method is able to achieve that level of clean without damaging the substrate.

Our paint removal dry ice cleaning process has fast become the preferred choice for paint removal and restoration, allowing us to achieve desired cleaning results without damaging historic structures. Whether it’s priceless private and public monuments, artefacts, or heirlooms, we can provide effective cleaning indoors or outdoors. Our paint removal process has several other advantages over traditional techniques: