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The Polar Blast is nothing more than a very classic Koolada, cold and icy as only she knows how to be. Notice will be used alone as it has no flavor but will serve to refresh any – your preparation without modifying the base flavor. A few drops of Polar Blast and you will be transported directly to the desolate and arctic lands of the North Pole!

This is not an aroma; it is just an additive, which will require a low concentration which will be enough to cool any of your electronic cigarette liquids. You will not have to use it alone as it will not bring any fragrance. It does not taste menthol and does not taste of mint; it will give only and exclusively a touch of ice to all your preparations without covering the flavors in the least. In the mix, you can use it anywhere. Fruit is perfect for being refreshed, either individually that if it is in a combination to make it more pleasant to be vaped in the most moments. heat of the day, recreating a sort of ice lolly or granita it is perfect with citrus fruits and with exotic fruit. Eventually, you can also add it to tobacco in a tiny percentage to make it more pleasant during the summer. If you still have liquids that you can’t vape, add a touch of chill to the ice age could make them more enjoyable and save you from throwing them away. The dilution recommended by FlavourArt varies from 1 to 2%. If you want a light and fresh fund, you can also start from 0.5%