Spray Foam Removal

Do you have spray foam in your attic or garage?
Are you trying to sell a property?
Are you trying to re-mortgage?

Here in the UK, most lenders will not lend money against a property with spray foam still in the attic. When the spray foam is applied to the roof construction and tiles, the inspection is impassable for a surveyor and will fail the lending criteria. Spray foam needs to be removed without any damage to the wood or tiles. Spray foam is a major concern for everyone. This is exactly where the professional spray foam removal service comes in handy. Our spray foam removal solution using the dry ice blasting system is the most effective and affordable method. The method uses dry ice blasting, which leaves no secondary waste and removes spray foam without any damage to the timber or tiles. Using the dry ice blasting system we are removing it a lot quicker and with better results than other methods. With us, you don’t have to invest in expensive solutions and our spray foam removing solutions bring you effective results in no time. We always focus on modern techniques to remove the spray foam. Our team’s focus is on providing reliable solutions that are not just safe but long-lasting. We also offer full disposal of spray foam for you under our carrier license, so you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

After the work is complete, we provide you with a certificate, which is proof of works completed for the estate agent and lenders or whomever may require it by law.

You can schedule an appointment with us and our professionals will advice and provide you with the best solution.