Dry Ice Cleaning Of Hardwoods

Polar blast is well-known for dry ice cleaning of Hardwoods. All of us want to get back the real beauty of timber back like its original form. In the olden days many farm houses were built by craftsmen who were highly skilled. These houses had hard wood floors as well as exposed beams. Over a period of time the beams and floors could be hidden or painted to look better. Sometimes they are just left to a state beyond repair.

Removing the paint has been a problem where traditional ways of cleaning methods like sand blasting would remove the top layer of wood. This would be bad as it would take away interesting marks, it consumes lot of time and it is a very messy affair.

Nowadays the famous method for cleaning hardwood like oak is dry blasting. This is safe as well as less messy. It will ensure no markings are removed. This is a gentle as well as adjustable method. It helps in saving time drastically and is proved to be highly efficient too. This method does not produce any sort of secondary waste.